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10 classics of French pastry - Part 1

It is well known that France is famous for its gastronomy!

Find in this article 5 classics of French pastry.

Obviously, we have a lot more than 10 delicious cakes in our tender country, but we tell ourselves that you have 10 fingers and therefore 10 good reasons to try them all! 

1- The Saint Honoré

The Saint Honoré

The Saint Honoré owes its name to the Patron Saint of bakers in 1850 (that does not make us all look younger didonc) Basically, it was a large brioche filled with pastry cream that has been reworked. From now on, we use a puff pastry as a base and we draw choux pastry balls topped with chiboust cream. A chiboust cream being a mixture of pastry cream and meringue) For assembly, the balls are fixed to the dough by caramel.

2- The Paris-Brest

The Paris-Brest

So the most romantic will think that this cake was invented by a pastry chef on a train between Paris and Brest leaving his sweet tooth .. and the most greedy will add that it was 4:00 pm and that he was very hungry! No ... you are not! Paris-Brest was indeed invented by a pastry chef, his little name Louis Durand near Paris, who was commissioned by Pierre Giffard, founder of the bicycle race to invent a cake to celebrate the race and its riders. . The idea of a bicycle wheel was obvious hence the initial rounded shape of this delicious pastry.

Paris-Brest is made with praline buttercream or praline mousseline cream, a mixture of slivered almonds, hazelnuts and icing sugar on a bed of rounded choux pastry. There are also versions of Paris-Brest iced with scoops of ice cream and whipped cream… 

3- The Millefeuille

The Millefeuille napoleon

The origin of this delicious pastry remains a mystery through millennia! Everyone attributed the recipe for millefeuille to the Byzantines! But the bottom line is that its name would be justified by the layering of layers of puff pastry.

Although it does not have a thousand leaves and so much the better for the assembly, to make a perfect millefeuille you will need 3 layers of puff pastry between which will slip 2 layers of pastry cream (available as desired: coconut, praline, fruit, mocha, caramel, almond, vanilla,…) The top will be iced with icing sugar or fondant.

4- Eclair (chocolate, coffee, vanilla, etc.)

Eclair chocolate, coffee, vanilla

Did you know that the eclair formerly called "Little Duchess" was nicknamed because it is eaten quickly? You surprise me ! This fantastic pastry is made of elongated choux pastry, filled with pastry cream, on which we place a delicious chocolate, vanilla, coffee glaze, etc. The eclair is a fairly versatile pastry and we count among our darling pastries the famous nuns. 

5 - The Opera

The Opera

L’Opéra is a pastry made from 3 squares of Mona Lisa biscuit soaked in coffee syrup, coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. Its little name is said to be due either to its form very similar to the stage at the Opéra Garnier, or in tribute to the dancers from the Opera who came to the store. (gourmands!) This cake may seem tedious but it is quite simple to make.

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