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10 classics of French pastry - Part 2
It is well known that France is famous for its gastronomy!
Find in this article 5 classics of French pastry.

1- The Moka

The Moka
Mocha is a dessert mainly made from coffee from the port of Yemen (the port of Moka or Mocha where the coffee shipments for Europe were made) hence its pretty name. It is generally made up of alternate layers of sponge cake soaked in infused coffee and coffee-flavored buttercream on which a veil of roasted almonds is placed for decoration. Although it comes in chocolate, mocha is still a cake that is very popular with good caffeine lovers.

2- Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie
The lemon meringue pie is one of the rare pies that does not contain any fruit! This is a pie garnished with a delicious mixture of eggs, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest often called Lemon Curd. We could end there in the recipe, which would make a delicious lemon pie, but adding a meringue to it we have the fabulous lemon meringue pie. For the story of the lemon tart, we have no crunchy one, it would have been invented by the pastry chef Elizabeth Goodwell and the term meringue comes from the Swiss city of Meringen, namely the birthplace of the pastry chef Gasparini, the inventor of meringue. 

3- Profiteroles

It was in the 16th century that profiteroles started out, quite simply thanks to the invention of choux pastry! It is the cook of Queen Catherine de Medici who had the idea of creating a cake from a "hot dough". This creation will be renamed "choux pastry" in the 18th century. Then it was in the 19th century that Antoine Carême imagined chouquettes stuffed with pastry cream or whipped cream. Then the idea will come to add a scoop of ice cream and then cover the whole with very melting and delicious chocolate :-)
Composition side: puffs topped with vanilla ice cream then topped with chocolate and sometimes whipped cream

4- The Tarte Tatin

The Tarte Tatin
The tarte tatin .. tintintintin .. (to make like a noise of suspense) is quite simply a tart with caramelized apples with sugar and butter but turned upside down! Yes, the shortcrust pastry (but also puff pastry or shortbread) is therefore on the filling and not underneath like a classic apple pie. Once cooked, it will be unmoulded right where it is, and served with a good whipped cream. For the record, we have often heard that this was a clumsiness of the Tatin sisters, one of whom would have put her pie in the oven without the dough and would have added it during baking. This is an old regional specialty made famous by the sisters who ran a hotel but which a famous food critic supposedly made up the whole story. 

5- The Strawberry Cake 

The Strawberry Cake
So the origin of The Strawberry Cake remains a mystery! But anyway, its exquisite taste is not. You just have to find the perfect balance between the sponge cake, the mousseline cream and ... and ... and ... the strawberries! Yes that's good you are following! Whether you do it round or square, have fun on the dressage. Once again, this is an easy recipe to make.


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