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  • 5 gelatin sheets
  • 130g milk
  • 400g liquid cream
  • 500g mascarpone
  • 90g icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp liquid vanilla extract
  • Ladyfingers cookies
  • Raspberries: all bought fresh and frozen this summer.
  • Soaking syrup: raspberry coulis with water to soak the ladyfingers in it


  1. Soften the gelatin
  2. Heat the milk over low heat and add the gelatin
  3. Whip the cream, mascarpone, sugar and vanilla whipped cream
  4. Reserve a small part for the decorative poaching because once the milk is incorporated it freezes very quickly and it seeds
  5. Incorporate the milk into the preparation and stir


  1. in a circle lined with 20 cm like a tiramisu we put a layer of cookies soaked in the coulis / cream / fruit / cream / cookies / cream and smooth.
  2. Poach the whipped cream as a decoration.
  3. Dig holes with a heated Parisian spoon filled with coulis.
  4. Decorate with raspberries still frozen at the last moment.
  5. Cool for 1 night.

Recipe by chef @mes_delicieuses_creations ,prepared by the talented @laetice_patisse

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty


  1. Thank you for the recipes it is easy and look like delicious I will try it 😋


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