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Top 5 of the best Italian desserts
Italy is known for its pastas, pizzas and other dishes inseparable from the peninsula. But Italy is also known for its desserts which combine indulgence and discovery of flavors. Let's explore this world of sweets with the top 5 of the best Italian desserts. 

1- The tiramisu 

The tiramisu
You can't think of Italy without thinking of tiramisu, which has become the favorite dessert of the French. The most classic of Italian desserts combines a mascarpone cream, as smooth as you want, with cookies soaked in coffee, all covered with bitter cocoa.
Tiramisu can also come in a multitude of versions that highlight fresh fruits of all colors, chocolate or spices. It can also be served frozen with its melting potatoes and a Breton shortbread, or with the scent of the islands. 

2- Panna cotta

Panna cotta
Literally “cooked cream” in Italian, panna cotta is a simple, fresh and delicate dessert. And above all very soft. This gelled dessert made from liquid cream, most often flavored with vanilla, is traditionally served with its red fruit coulis, an autumn fruit compote or, for the most gourmet, a sauce with chocolate. But you can make a more exotic version with raspberries, coconut and lime or more original with its strawberry tomato tartare. 

3- Sicilian cassata

Sicilian cassata
Traditionally served for Easter, this delicious ricotta-based cake is covered in white icing topped with candied fruit for color. Inside there is a sponge cake flavored with Marsala and a vanilla ricotta cream garnished with orange peels and candied lemons. To be enjoyed without moderation throughout the year. To vary the pleasures, you can prepare an astonishing Sicilian cassata trifle style. 

4- Cannoli

These small cakes from Sicily come in the form of small rolls of crispy pastry flavored with Marsala and cinnamon and topped with ricotta cream. The final touch is brought by the chocolate chips or the candied cherries which come to rest delicately on the ricotta cream. 

5- The panettone

The panettone
Tall and large brioche stuffed with raisins and candied fruit, originally from Lombardy, which can be found on all Italian tables at Christmas time. Today, it is available in chocolate. To make it a divine dessert, combine your panettone with a mascarpone cream and chocolate shavings.


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